Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering could also be a well known branch of engineering that pulls students with interest in airplanes and their mechanism. the first job of an engineer is to plan aircraft and propulsion systems, but with time, the engineer is given more responsibilities to hold out. Recruitment opportunities are available in defence services and aviation industry. Engineering in aeronautics taxing due to its vast syllabus which necessitates tons of thoroughness and diligence. However, completion, of course, is rewarding for any student because it leads to employment with good remunerations. An engineering degree in Aeronautical Engineering helps one in getting employment within the aviation industry, defence establishments, and civil aviation department. With experience, the earning grows manifold.

Georgia, a rustic at the intersection of Europe and Asia, may be a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardzia, a sprawling cave monastery dating to the 12th century, and therefore the ancient wine­growing region Kakheti. The capital, Tbilisi, is understood for the various architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town. Georgia may be a developing country classified as “very high” on the Human Development Index. The country may be a member of international organizations across both Europe and Asia, like the Council of Europe, the Asian Development Bank, the ecu Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Eurocontrol, OSCE and therefore the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development.



Georgian Aviation University

Georgian Aviation University is an independent accredited university in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Aviation Institute of Georgia was founded in 1992, in the structure of Georgian Technical University. In 2005, the Aviation Institute got down from the Technical University and became Independent Georgian Aviation University. The university has an accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. These days the Georgian Aviation University has almost 1000 students.

Georgian Aviation University has a strong material-technical base. The university has several type of aircraft for students, such as: A-22, Cessna-152, Piper Seneca and Boeing 737-200. It is very important that graduates successfully work in many companies and most of them work in leadership positions.

Pilot instructors with more than 10,000 hours of piloting experience train the future pilots.

Courses in Georgian Aviation University are : 


  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Air Transport Pilot License
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Russia is that the most important country within the planet, the ninth ­most popular country, also because the foremost populous country in Europe. The country is one among the world’s most sparsely populated and urbanized. About half the country’s total area is forested, concentrating around four ­fifths of its total population of over 146.8 million on its smaller and dense western portion, as against its larger and sparse eastern portion. Russia is administratively divided into 85 federal subjects. The Moscow Metropolitan Area is that the most important metropolitan area in Europe, and among the foremost important within the planet , with quite 20 million residents.

                                        Colleges/Universities :


Moscow Aviation Institute :


Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) founded in 1930 is one of several major engineering higher education establishments in Moscow. Since its inception MAI has been spearheading advances in aerospace technology both within Russia and worldwide. The university laid emphasis on laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering, specific to demands of the aerospace industry. During World War II part of the university was evacuated to Almaty Kazakhstan, the university, staff and students continued to work on research and wartime production throughout the war. During the Post-War period, the university expanded and assimilated new technologies during the Jet age. Research conducted in the university contributed to heralding the space age.

The university has to its merit more than 160000 specialists, 250 chief designers in the Aerospace Industry. 50 Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 22 cosmonauts, 100 test pilots and 60 Olympic champions in different sports.

Alumni of the institute form the backbone of many companies like Sukhoi, Mikoyan, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Yakovlev, Beriev, Myasishchev, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, OAO S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Lavochkin, Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, NPO Energomash, Almaz-Antey and others.

Courses in Moscow Aviation Institute are :

  • Commercial Pilot License(CPL)
  • Air Transport License(ATPL)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME)
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